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CLW warehouse: peculiarities of customs bonded warehouses

There are a variety of customs regimes, which mean the need to store goods. Relevant CLW warehouse for representatives of small, medium and large businesses to comply with the appropriate storage regimes, to ensure inspection. This is a common global practice, which has taken root […]

Posted on 7 months ago

How the automation of logistics processes is useful

Year by year there is more and more competition among companies providing a variety of logistics services involved in the transportation of goods, the organization of their storage. That is why the automation of transport logistics is so necessary, which allows you to reduce costs […]

Posted on 7 months ago

How to optimize the performance of logistics warehouses

Every responsible person, such as a warehouse owner, director of logistics understands how important it is to improve the efficiency of work. Today, the process of optimizing the work of the warehouse does not surprise anyone. In general, optimization is typical for all sectors of […]

Posted on 7 months ago

International trucking: the legal side

In today’s world, business has stepped far beyond the borders of one state. More and more organizations in their work are tied to foreign partners. There is a need for international cargo transportation. Road transport has always been and remains the most mobile and optimal […]

Posted on 7 months ago

Organization of foreign economic activity at the enterprise

Companies based in different countries are often interested in expanding their business opportunities and going international. Therefore, such a concept as “foreign economic activity” appeared which regulates this process. It implies export-import operations, cooperation of companies in technological and production spheres. What are the forms […]