логистический аудит

What is a logistics audit?

A logistics audit is an assessment of a company’s supply chain and logistics operations. The purpose of a logistics audit is to identify areas in which the company can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the movement of goods from suppliers to customers. A logistics […]

Posted on 8 months ago

Modern warehouse logistics

Goods, products, raw materials need storage. They participate in the turnover in accordance with the development plans of the company and are placed in warehouses. That is why warehouse logistics is so important. It uses theoretical base and practical skills to optimize the process. Tasks […]

Posted on 8 months ago

Features of international logistics

World trade development, the intensification of export-import operations – all this allows us to say that it is necessary to meet the logistics needs of the company both locally and internationally. International logistics has become a generally accepted term: features and aspects, specific features of […]

Posted on 8 months ago

How cargo customs clearance is carried out

The globalizations of the economy, the development of international trade are the realities of today. International economic activity implies its own characteristics, including the necessity to go through numerous bureaucratic procedures. Customs clearance is required taking into account current standards and regulations, which, by the […]

Posted on 8 months ago

Organization of foreign economic activity at the enterprise

Companies based in different countries are often interested in expanding their business opportunities and going international. Therefore, such a concept as “foreign economic activity” appeared which regulates this process. It implies export-import operations, cooperation of companies in technological and production spheres. This is a specific […]