CLW warehouse: peculiarities of customs bonded warehouses

There are a variety of customs regimes, which mean the need to store goods. Relevant CLW warehouse for representatives of small, medium and large businesses to comply with the appropriate storage regimes, to ensure inspection. This is a common global practice, which has taken root in almost every country.

What is a CLW warehouse, its features

They are equipped with everything you need, located in the appropriate rooms. It can be fully enclosed or partially enclosed warehouse. Plus, the CLW warehouse can belong to a legal entity or a natural person, but with permits and on the basis that the person is a participant in foreign economic activity.

In addition, the law allows foreign companies or entities engaged in related economic activity, to have a CLW warehouse, but it is also fully subject to the laws of Ukraine. Compliance with the law is checked by the supervisory and controlling authorities. The activities are checked for compliance with the law and the legality of the opening of such warehouses.

However, there is nothing complicated in the process of organizing CLW warehouse. This is done because the state and the business entities themselves, entrepreneurs are not interested in excessive complication of the procedure for organizing foreign economic activity. It is a convenient, comfortable customs bonded warehouse that allows you to fully conduct business activities. CLW also ensures the flow of income into the national economy.

How a bonded warehouse differs from a regular warehouse

It is necessary to obtain a license, which will give the right to engage in such activities. The customs bonded warehouse implies the issuance of a license for both individuals and legal entities. It is issued by the Gas Transport System of Ukraine, an authorized body.

This service also approves which goods may be imported. Thus, the customs bonded warehouse is quite seriously controlled by the state services. In case of non-compliance, sanctions may be applied, including the withdrawal of the license, without which such activities will be impossible. In addition, to understand the specifics of work will help the following table:

OwnersCLW warehouse implies the owners of both individuals and legal entities with a license
Solving important tasks for the stateThe tasks are not only the implementation of entrepreneurial activities. But the customs bonded warehouse is to promote entrepreneurship, which, in turn, integrates the economy of Ukraine into the global system

It also helps to reduce costs. As it is known, the CLW warehouse optimizes the movement of batches of goods. As a result, it is possible to reduce overall costs. This means that with the help of a customs bonded warehouse it will be possible to reduce costs and the final cost of goods, products and raw materials.

What is a bonded warehouse in terms of professionals

It should be understood that the bonded warehouses belong to the territory of the country, i.e. the territory of Ukraine, and these objects are fully covered by national legislation. Thus, the customs bonded warehouse should comply not only with legislation, but also with numerous standards: hygiene, epidemiological, fire and others.

In addition, the customs bonded warehouse implies the following:

  • It is possible to choose facilities of a completely open type. They are fenced, but inside such a CLW warehouse does not imply a closed infrastructure with climatic equipment, finding in buildings with different configurations
  • You can also choose the analogues of the closed type. Such CLW warehouses are encountered quite often. Often it is the only possible option if you need to store grain, some building and finishing materials, clothing, medicine, food, household appliances and more
  • In practice, you can also find CLW warehouse of the combined type. It has separate areas, areas closed, i.e. fully protected from external influences with climatic equipment. There are also open areas

Plus, the bonded warehouses provide free access to the goods. Access is provided by both the service personnel and representatives of the supervisory and controlling authorities.

 Basics of CLW warehouse operation

Often the objects are found in Kiev, other regions of Ukraine, even in remote settlements. CLW warehouse means serious preliminary preparation, because you can not just get a license. It will be necessary to pay the appropriate fees. In addition, the customs bonded warehouse means the following:

The owner must declare the goods, that is, all objects that are located in the

More information about the CLW warehouses, the requirements for them can be seen in the regulations. In particular there is “Regulation on opening and operation of customs bonded warehouses”.

Many legislative acts were adopted in the mid-90s of the last century, when the need to orient the country to the standards of the global economy became apparent. That’s when bonded warehouses began to appear and actively adopt foreign experience

Today there are quite a lot of normative-legal acts. Therefore, we can say that the modern CLW warehouse meets international standards. For violation of numerous regulations the revocation of the license is envisaged. In addition, before starting to operate, one has to collect quite a large package of documents. Any customs bonded warehouse in Kiev or outside of Kiev must comply with all standards.

It is possible to conduct the activities of the declaration by the owner of the batch or by specialists, who work in customs bonded warehouses. Often this option is chosen by entrepreneurs. Thus CLW warehouse offers a range of services. It must be remembered that the person who carries out the declaration is fully responsible for the payment of all fees.

Customs bonded warehouse – a modern solution

Every facility must function in such a way that it is possible to not only inspect, but also to import, unload and export goods without hindrance. Customs bonded warehouses exclude all risks of transporting, loading and unloading of goods outside the control and monitoring authorities. Responsibility for violation of such regulations is stipulated.

A good bonded warehouse also means complete security. In addition:

  • CLW warehouse is also a number of various constructions, structures, connected with each other
  • Need a convenient scheme for access to the CLW
  • It can be and monolithic object of different size

The specificity of the customs bonded warehouses is also the fencing of the territory, ensuring round the clock protection. Often the owners CLW involve as modern technological systems of surveillance, and visual security, which implies the direct presence of a person.

CLW warehouse in Kiev 

It is possible to get acquainted in advance with how everything works. Among other things, CLW warehouse in Kiev assumes the following:

The presence of sensors, sensors that allow you to regulate the temperature, humidity

Installed modern fire alarm system in CLW warehouses

There is security: through video surveillance cameras, sensors and other auxiliary devices, with qualified operators

CLW warehouse in Kiev has service areas, separate compartments that are designed specifically for service personnel. Need special areas and for representatives of customs services to inspect the goods. If necessary, then equipped with metal bars, additional devices.

CLW warehouse in Kiev can accommodate oversized, oversized objects, standard and non-standard cargo. Carried out loading and unloading, sorting, there is office equipment, furniture and other things. We have our own fleet of vehicles equipped with everything you need. And, of course, there is a permit regime.

Who is suitable for the CLW warehouse in Ukraine

This is a great option for small, medium and, of course, large businesses. It is also possible to get acquainted with the documentation in advance. CLW in Ukraine operates on the basis of both the license, and plans, schemes of premises, fire and security alarm system. There is also a contract. There is also:

  • Agreement, which prescribes the specifics of security, responsible persons for the control of what is happening on the territory of the CLW warehouse
  • There are technological schemes, marked places for storage of liquid, loose, oversized and standard objects
  • You can familiarize yourself in advance with a full list of goods and cargoes which are allowed to store in CLW warehouses

CLW warehouse in Ukraine is located not only in Kiev, but throughout the country. Accordingly, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to choose what best suits them. In advance it is also possible to get acquainted with the regime under which the CLW warehouse operates. It is also possible to see the forms designed for the accounting of goods.

In Ukraine CLW warehouses have developed their own forms of reporting. And also, the order of how disputes and claims will be resolved in pre-trial order is stipulated in advance. This is normal worldwide practice.

Full-value licensed warehouse for business

It is the owner of CLW warehouses that is responsible for compliance with standards, regulations and ensuring legal access for representatives of supervisory and controlling authorities. The circle of others who will have access is also determined. Sometimes the licensed warehouse is large, with an impressive volume of goods, the total value of which can be measured in millions of euros. It is very important to keep proper records and control access.

If there are questions about how a licensed warehouse functions, you can ask ahead of time and clarify the information of interest. Plus:

Goods of foreign origin.It is allowed to store them in CLW warehouses for export or transit
Ukrainian goodsThey too are allowed to be stored for export and import operations

Depending on the specifics, the type and form of taxation will be determined. Also the volumes of duties for consignments which are located in licensed warehouses on the territory of the country will be calculated. Some facilities mean transit regime. For some objects special norms of the law provisions are applied. For example, alcohol, tobacco products in TLC warehouses, some types of pharmaceutical products are regulated by additional regulations.

Licensed bonded warehouse for commercial and non-commercial purposes

It is not always possible to say that CLW warehouses are erected exclusively for commercial purposes. A licensed bonded warehouse is also relevant for the placement of humanitarian aid that is transported out of the country, brought into the country for shipment to other regions. It is especially common when it is necessary to deliver goods quickly due to natural disasters, natural calamities and more.

A variety of international charitable organizations also use a bonded warehouse in the process of organizing their activities on the basis of an international cooperation agreement. And if the objects are moved in transit, then in this territory they are moved from one mode of transport to another. But at the same time, of course, strictly regulated terms of stay of goods in bonded warehouses.

Also, licensed bonded warehouses are subject to regulations that were developed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The regulations are periodically adjusted and modified to optimize the export and import control on the territory of the country. Its provisions apply to both open and closed types of CLW warehouses. Also, it takes into account:

  • The degree of fire safety, which is determined by belonging to a certain class
  • Level of radioactivity
  • Toxicity
  • The structure is also taken into account. Solids, liquids, bulk solids, gases

Individual conditions for cooperation in CLW warehouses

As the competition in this market segment is great, the individual characteristics, capabilities and wishes of customers are taken into account. CLW warehouse means obligatory presence of accompanying documents for each shipment. Sealing and labeling are also mandatory. This greatly facilitates the work of specialists during verification, accounting, inventory, tracking data on the receipt at the warehouse of THS, shipment and export. According to the general rules accepted by the Ukrainian authorities, excisable products cannot be stored at the CLW warehouse for more than three calendar months. The payment of all duties, calculated in accordance with the duration of the stay of goods and their specificity, is obligatory.

In addition to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other sources of law, such as the Customs Code of Ukraine, will be very informative. If in case of objective reasons there is no possibility to take the goods out of the territory of the CLW warehouse by the expiration of the term established by the law, this shall be documented. Then after passing the formalities the goods shall be subject to realization. The implementation is carried out on the territory of Kiev or in other regions of the country. Surely many of you occasionally come across a variety of stores, retail outlets which sell exactly those products that have not passed customs clearance at the CLW warehouse within the statutory period.

Customs bonded warehouse – a guarantee of compliance with the agreements

It is obligatory to determine the purpose of placement, terms, the declarant fills out supporting documents. However, one should not assume that (CLW) customs license warehouse is an autonomous institution, which only performs the functions of storage, reception. Often companies that own such CLW warehouses are quite large, offering comprehensive logistics services. This means that it is possible to order services “turnkey”. It is also possible to receive preliminary consultations, calculate the cost of cooperation, and assist in filling in the documents, including the CLW declaration.

Moreover, the bonded warehouse offers help from other specialists, e.g. translators, if you need to transport or prepare documents in a foreign language. There are also movers, freight forwarders, logisticians and IT-specialists. Modern CLW warehouses are the minimization of mechanical manual labor. But often the emphasis in the work of the object is made on the introduction of modern software. It allows to form data bases quickly and sort information on necessary grounds, for example, by date of receipt, passing inspection. This allows you to control the movement directly inside the CLW warehouse, shipment abroad, to other regions of the country, registration of transit.

Careful attention to the documents when filling out for storage in the CLW warehouse

There are samples of such declarations available online at any time and not only. Not only mistakes are not allowed, but also inaccuracies, typos, blots. Everything must be displayed as clearly as possible, correctly, in accordance with reality. If you look at what documents are required CLW warehouse, you can see that the basic information is as follows:

  • Specifying the number of the settlement account in the currency of Ukraine. In addition, it is necessary to indicate the name of the bank, full details of this financial-credit institution
  • Currency account number according to the accepted codes
  • Details of the settlement. This is necessary in order to guarantee the payment of duties and other obligatory payments
  • Representatives of controlling bodies indicate the payment code, put the codes, put the marks and stamps which confirm the passage of payment

And also, the presence of objects in the CLW warehouse means an indication of the information about who carried out the inspection, that is, the surname, first name and patronymic of the official, time, date. It is also noted whether the products are imported to the territory of Ukraine, exported or are in transit in the CLW warehouse for further transportation. A note is made as to whether the free circulation of these objects in Ukraine is allowed. There may be some restrictions.

The demand for CLW warehouses services in Ukraine

Yes, mostly applies entrepreneurs from Kiev, suburbs, but there are customers interested in CLW warehouses in the regions. In the process of filling out paperwork specialists make sure that all the details of the sender, whether an individual or a legal entity, because there are really a lot of nuances, formalities. Not surprisingly, the services of placement in CLW warehouses are engaged professionals in specialized companies with extensive experience. Including their experience with the goods in the CLW warehouse, which have increased radioactivity or are classified as explosive, etc.

Even if export and import manipulations are carried out by non-residents of Ukraine, foreigners or stateless persons, even in this case the law imposes rather strict requirements obligatory for execution. It will be necessary to specify personal, payment data, requisites and other. Without this placement on the CLW warehouse will not be possible. It is necessary to correctly calculate and the number of items, places. Specialists make the appropriate markings if it is a question of transportation of bulk cargo. Own marking is also provided when the object comes to CLW warehouse in pallets, containers, crates, etc. Count the total number of packages and the volume of cargo in each of them.

Saving time and money for the customer in CLW warehouses

Do not be intimidated by such an abundance of formalities. Specialists who deal with CLW warehouses know that cooperation with customs authorities is an established process. Part of the information is also submitted electronically, since convenient programs have already been developed. Information about the goods in the CLW warehouses include codes, date, information about the recipient, sender, actual and legal address, details, report on the specifics, quality of goods, indicate the tax number, country, total customs value.

It will be necessary to give a brief description of the goods in the CLW warehouse, specify, for example, the class of fire safety and so on. The owner of the bonded warehouse will also indicate the license number and the date of issue. Data on the codes, on the means of transport at shipment is entered. It is also mandatory to indicate the specifics of the vehicles that imported and exported cargo from the territory. But that is not all. Should be displayed data on railroad cars, aircraft, which was used to deliver the goods.

If you do everything on your own, the process of placing the consignment in the CLW warehouse can be delayed. If any inaccuracies are found, or the information seems illegible, then you will have to start all over again. That is why resorting to specialists a priori means a reduction in material costs, saving time for the customer.

Providing CLW warehouses for business development

At any time you can choose the best option. Including the choice of customs bonded warehouses and in terms of location, the specifics of the infrastructure. Many factors are evaluated:

  • Specifics of the access roads
  • Geographical location of the warehouse
  • Categories, e.g. open or covered, with climatic equipment, with a given width of driveways, etc.
  • CLW warehouse ceiling height to be taken into account
  • Some facilities allow the placement of different categories of goods in the MLS warehouse, depending on the parameters, belonging to a particular class

In CLW warehouses at any time you can get a report on the status of lots, time of arrival, inspection, etc. In addition, a professional performer, that is a company, is always ready to show samples of documents, such as transport, commercial, licenses, contracts, certificates, details. You can also find out what rules of law companies are guided by when placing cargo at the CLW warehouses. These are not only regulations, the Customs Code, but also permits from the Ministry of Health, Culture, Foreign Economic Relations, etc. You can see what the currency declaration certificates are, how excise duty, customs duty, value added tax, export and import duties are paid.

Convenient CLW Warehouses for Transportation, Transit and Storage

There are optimal solutions for every purpose. Sometimes companies, in order to attract more attention, offer virtual tours of CLW warehouses, where you can visually see the architectural and planning features, configuration, width of aisles, height of ceilings, the process of passing the customs inspection. Of course, timely disinfection, cleaning and airing are ensured. For the processing of CLW warehouses are created schedules, in accordance with which the manipulation is carried out. It must be remembered that the owners are fully responsible, including:

  • Preservation of the merchandise’s appearance.
  • Integrity of the packaging
  • Timely disinfection of stockpiles
  • Compliance with hygiene, fire safety standards in THS warehouses
  • Cargo security and more

All this is reflected in the documents. In addition, the owners of CLW warehouses in accordance with the contract shall be financially responsible. Moreover, not only for the loss of cargo, but also for damage, which may also be partial or complete.

Beneficial cooperation with CLW warehouses

Because cooperation is official, in addition to the conclusion of the contract other nuances are agreed, such as insurance. In the case of an insured event at the CLW warehouse, insurance can cover the entire value of the goods or part of it. Specialists may at their discretion arrange the goods on the territory rationally. Rational use of space in the CLW warehouse is a key point. It is possible to carry out packing and repacking, sorting, loading/unloading, shredding of consignments in order to rationalize the cost of material resources.

Also, the owners of CLW warehouses are fully responsible for compliance with sanitary and hygienic conditions. Rodents and insects are not allowed. It is also excluded the creation of fire hazardous situation at the CLW warehouse. All this is regulated not only by the agreement concluded with the customer, but is an obligatory condition for obtaining a license to carry out such activities in the territory of Kiev and the country as a whole. The entrance to and exit from the territory of CLW warehouse is necessarily regulated. Moreover, this is done by means of control and in manual mode, with the dispatch of reports to the customer in real time format. Such CLW warehouses meet international and, in particular, European standards adopted in the EU.

Available CLW warehouses

It is worth emphasizing once again that the CLW warehouse (customs bonded warehouse) is special, different from the temporary storage warehouse. In the latter case, no third-party manipulation is allowed, including buying, selling. If the shipment of goods follows, it means sending the entire batch without splitting it up. And if we are talking about the CLW warehouses, in accordance with national laws and international legal acts, it is allowed not only to inspect, but also, for example, to sell partially or completely with the execution of appropriate documents, sorting consignments at the CLW warehouses. That is, these activities are regulated by other documents.

Customs bonded warehouses are available at any time, since this service is in demand all year round. Of course, there are also offers for entrepreneurs whose business is strictly seasonal. Sometimes customers, after fully evaluating the cooperation, come to the conclusion about the advisability of a contract for the provision of services on a permanent basis. Customers are satisfied with CLW warehouses, high level of reliability, compliance with national legislation, security, maintenance of fire and sanitary standards. And, of course, much depends on the competence of CLW warehouse specialists, readiness to help in passing numerous formalities in interaction with representatives of supervisory and controlling authorities.